Firefly one man inflatable kayaks

These are the best little recreational inflatable kayaks we have found.  Light even for a twelve year old to carry, easy to maneuver, and not tippy, they perform extremely well on the float section of the National Monument.  Some clients have even taken them on the Racecourse and reported successful runs, even though they are not self bailing.  These boats are a steal at $260.00 new and we may periodically have some used ones in stock for sale-price to be negotiated.  

These boats are also available for "buy back" --run the cost of the boat on your credit card, return it at the end of the day, and we will reimburse you the cost of the boat minus a daily use fee of $30.00. Paddles and lifejackes incur an extra rental fee.

River Run and River Rat tubes are NOW IN STOCK at the Pilar Yacht Club to kick off the river season!


River Run tubes are our sturdiest most rugged tube.  The feature a backrest, carrying handles, tow rope, and cup holders.  Priced at 32.99 they are ready to go for a long day on the river.


River Rats are a quality tube best suited for floating the Orilla Verde section of the Rio Grande.  Affordable at 22.99 per tube they also feature a handy tow rope.  Priced at 22.99.

Don't forget the buy back program!  Don't want to spend so much?  Bring your tubes back inflated on the same day and we will buy them back for half price!!


Pilar Yacht Club

Pilar Yacht Club is a quaint family owned restaraunt and tourist shop located right by the Rio Grande outfitter meeting sites. The PYC provides ample parking, a lunch counter, and a retail area stocked with those last minute essentials for clients embarking on Rio Grande Raft trips. Equally, the PYC serves plein aire artists, fisherman and picnicing families who are desiring to spend a day by the river. Pick up drinks and snacks, a meal, bait, sunscreen, inner tubes, all you need to complete your day!

Enjoy breakfast or lunch in the shade of our front porch or peaceful dining patio. Pre order your lunch online to take advantage of preferential service and a three course meal!


2884 Rte 68 at 570 in Pilar

Mailing Address:
HCR 69 Box B4 Pilar Rte
Embudo, NM 87531

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March 31- May 15: 9:00 AM- 2 PM

May 15- Labor Day  8:00 AM-6:00 PM Every Day!

Month of Sept and October Open 9:00 AM-2:00 PM

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